Albino Twins Born in an Albino-Rare Region Get Instant Fame

Having a baby is one of the best ways of sealing your relationship. So, when Jorge Gomez and his wife discovered that they will have a baby, they were full of joy! They already had one son, so now they were happy to welcome the second baby in the family. Mrs. Gomez was doing her regular visits to the doctor when she found out that they are not only expecting the second baby in the family. Namely, the doctors told her that they found out that the Gomez family is expecting twins. 

From that point onward, every little thing went according to plan. The Gomez family, located in Tucuman Province in Argentina, was happily awaiting the twin girls Catalina and Virginia. But, everything changed when the twin girls were born. Namely, the doctors were left in shock when they first saw the babies. In fact, the babies were such a rarity that they started gaining in popularity and became an overnight sensation.

Mrs. Gomez was in the 36th week of pregnancy when she prematurely gave birth to the twins. They were both at a healthy weight and, Mrs. Gomez was doing exceptionally well. The first baby to come out was Catalina, she was weight at 2.6 kg. And after her, Virginia was born, she weighed 2.4 kg. Virginia was born only 2 minutes after her sister.

But, as we said in the beginning, the couple as well as the doctors and nurses who delivered the twins were left at awe when they first saw the babies. The two girls had amazing snowy white hair. This year in the US alone, there were 17 000 babies born with albinism, but over in Argentina, these two girls were the first babies with albinism. 

This disorder is pretty rare in Argentina. Babies with albinism have low or no production of melanin, and that’s the main reason for the looks. But, the white hair and skin are not the only consequence of albinism. In fact, people who are suffering from this disorder are pretty sensitive to UV and sun rays. 

The new addition to the Gomez family was fitting in perfectly, but the only problem for the family was the fact that they were not used to so much media attention. They stated that they were full of joy when they found out that they will be having two babies instead of one. And, seeing that the babies were albinos didn’t change anything at all for the couple. 

They know that their babies will grow up to be different from the local children, but the couple wants to show the world that each and every baby should get the same, unconditional love from their parents and their family. 

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