An old man lost his dentures only to find out his dog had stolen them, so he took these super fun pictures.

Animals can be really fun especially when they decide to wear human things. Ever seen a dog wearing a t-shirt, sitting at a table and eating fries with a fork? I know, I know the video was probably staged but what I am trying to say is that they can be really funny with their actions sometimes. They can be so funny to accidentally make you go viral. You just have to be in the right place and the right time to get the moment.

Like this old man was and now his daughter went viral on Twitter with more than 50 thousand likes and shares it all started with a picture that the man took to the dog when he saw the dog doing something absolutely ridiculous. It’s funny when people lose their teeth and they are forced to get fake ones. My mother had her teeth done just recently, but at least she got it fixed so no one could steal them from her. Just take a look at this dog smiling like a real human being.

I remember a story that happened one time when my grandfather lost his teeth. He was traveling on a train and he would always take his teeth off when he would go to sleep. One time that he was traveling he took his teeth off when he slept in the train, then he had to get off in the next station, therefore leaving the teeth behind. He only remembered about losing his teeth when he arrived at the hotel and he was about to have dinner. That is so funny especially when you think about who might have found the teeth on the train.

So this old man in this article went to sleep one day and left his teeth on the table. After he slept for a couple of hours he woke up to find the teeth missing. He looks under the table to see the dog of the house having his dentures in his mouth. He took a chance from that moment to take a picture to the dog that looked like he was having a big human smile. The old man sent the photo to his daughter and she showed it to her colleagues who laughed to tears.

She posted the photo later on and got viral because of it. The photo got viral and shared more than 50 thousand times. Take a look for yourself. Let me tell you another time that a similar thing that happened to some old man during his office hours. The offices were in nature as the man would work in oil wells. He went outside to wash his mouth by the sink and left the teeth on the ground. The dog of the company grabbed the teeth and put them at the front door. The supervisor found them later asking who’s teeth were those, only to find out the old man, looking for them.