An older man leaves crowds speechless when he starts playing his piano

There are videos going around the internet that feature an older man that is playing on his piano. His name is Tommy Johnson, or as most people know him, ‘The Boogeyman.’ He has been performing on his piano and awing people with his incredible ‘Boogie Woogie’ performances.

It is such are rare sighting to see someone so talented, leaving thousands of people breathless with his performances. You have to be some kind of a wizard at what you do for people to give you such a cool nickname, such as ‘The Boogeyman.’ These types of people and artists have to treasured and receive as much credit as possible. We know that a small percentage will get to be famous and get the chance to perform and showcase their talent to people of all age groups.

From the age of four, Tommy was already teaching himself how to play the piano. Just think about it, many of us struggle in music class when we are older, not to mention when we were four years old. He plays so effortlessly and so quickly that you say to yourself that it is the same thing as breathing to him. Just watch some of his performances, and you will see we people call him ‘The Boogeyman.’ Before Tommy got his nickname, that name was associated with a mythical monster that parents would use to get their children to behave. Tommy wanted a cool nickname, and when people started to call him that, he began to get recognized anywhere and sat down to play the piano.

When he was just 7, Tommy stared on TV, playing his piano for the enjoyment of others. By the time he was nine, magazines wanted him to feature on their cover. Years have passed since then, and still, Tommy is going strong awing every crowd he plays for. This is an example of a person who never gave up on his dream and has continued to follow it.

One the video, you can see Tommy playing and people in the background shouting at him to play faster. And for everyone’s amusement, he plays faster and faster. This is a perfect example of a kid not giving up what he loves and practising every single day. Legends like Tommy are created when people follow and work hard on their passion.