Biggest Harpy Eagle I have ever seen in my life.

If you are unfamiliar with the term royal hawk as they call them in Brazil, the traditional name for these creatures is Harpy Eagle. They are usually huge, but in fact, one of them is so huge, that it kind of looks like a fake costume that a man is wearing. Yeah… is that big? But lucky for us humans these types of eagles don’t see us as their first dish. Even though one of them would do considerate damage to a human, they usually prefer to feed themselves on different types of food.

A picture of a Harpy Eagle has been shared on Pinterest lately and it has gone viral. How can it not go viral? That thing is massive. It is the very first time in my life that I see such a creature and it really fascinates me. After all, I come from a place that is called the Eagle’s land. Because in the fourteenth-century eagles were very common in my country. Anyway the claws of the Harpy Eagle look very, very dangerous and I bet that she can tear apart your whole scalp with one pull, with those types of claws she has.

The origin of these eagles is in Brazil where they call them the royal hawk. But here is an unfortunate fact about these types of creatures. They are an endangered species. There are only around 50,000 of them left, which is a really small number. But looking at the size of the bird, I would assume that it must be hard to be able to keep them safe in habitats like they do other animals. After all its wings can go up to two or three meters wide once open.

That’s a freaking small charter to me. If you would have that kind of pet, you would probably ride it and go to school or work with it. Kind of like those sci-fi cartoons where a kid rides a red eagle. In the case of the royal hawk, people all over the internet are amazed at the beauty of the bird, but there are some of those that agree on being terrified by it. Just imagine for a second being attacked by one of these types of birds. 

I remember a cousin of mine catching a hawk one time. And the hawk wasn’t even that big. It was just big enough to scare a child. He was holding it with a robe by its claws, but the scariest part is when he let it go. Because the hawk made a turn and then came back trying to attack us. Now imagine the same scenario but with a Harpy Eagle.