Brave cheerleader saves choking boy and mother praises her.

Helping other people is the best thing you can do for them, for the world, and for yourself. There is such a great feeling that you get when you are able to save somebody. Whenever I see these videos of real-life heroes that have saved other people, I get this urge of just going outside and look for people that are in need of help. I want to be able to help people. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to force help to come out as a selfish thing that I do for self-interest. I want it to come out naturally and get spiritual fulfillment after it.

Isn’t it beautiful? When was the last time that you actually helped someone? How did you feel? There is this kind of meditative state that we get in once we help another that cannot help us back. Because we are somehow wired to help unconditionally and it seems and feels like that is our natural state. That’s what all the saints like Mother Teresa and even Jesus were preaching in their time. Feed the poor and help the sick of the world and your heart with melt the cold.

Just like this cheerleader did recently when she didn’t think twice about helping a kid who was choking. Choking is another bad thing that takes around 5,000 lives every year. If you do the math right that’s about 13 people a day or better yet that’s one every two hours. This goes to show how unprepared we are for what might happen as a sudden thing. Don’t worry. Most of these people that die from choking are elderly above the ’70s with no one there to support them. I saw my grandfather choke one time and it was scary as hell.

Back on the cheerleader, she is 17 and her name it Tyra Winters. She is a cheerleader and has her own group of friends. Contrary to the popular belief that cheerleaders are the mean girls of high schools who bully everyone around them and sleep with big, muscled guys, Tyra is a really nice and well-educated girl. In fact she is being praised as a hero which has gotten her so viral lately. She was doing her dancing set with her team when she heard the scream of a mother coming from the crowd.

Tyra hurried and she found a little boy with a red face that was turning to purple from choking. That is when she did something that her mother taught her to do. Tyra did the Heimlich maneuver and saved the kid’s life as he started spitting out everything. The whole situation calmed down but the mother of the kid could not stop thanking Tyra. According to the mother of the child, Tyra is an angel sent from God. They met later as the mother of the child hugged and thanked again Tyra from her heart about the pure and quick action that she took.