Dark sunspot turns out to be skin cancer

We all wait for that moment of the year that the beach is full, the mojito’s are everywhere and new catchy summer music plays at the background while you see people just having fun sitting and relaxing under the sun and some getting cooled down in the water. It is just relaxing you can barely wait for those days. As much as everyone likes those beach days this couple loved also. They even had the luck to be living in Australia where you have the luxury of the beach at every corner of the country. Ryan and Fallon Glassop wend to the beach often and loved to spend hours under the hot sun, it just relaxed them and it also gave them a nice tan.

Not soon after Ryan found out that he had a sunspot on his neck. He did not think much about it at that point but little did he know it would become worse. The spot started to look unusual so Ryan went to get it checked at a doctor. When the spot was tested it turned out to be melanoma, a type of skin cancer. The couple was devastated and immediately started treatment. Ryan’s journey through cancer just started. Doctors told him that in order to remove cancer they needed to remove Ryan’s skin where the cancer was forming. They took the skin off and also the skin around it in order to prevent cancer from growing back.

Unfortunately, Ryan needed to take a big chunk of his skin off in order to survive. That meant from his head to his upper back. To achieve this, doctors needed to take a part of Ryan’s leg skin and put it on his back. This operation was very hard to handle by his family but luckily Ryan survived. Cancer left a big scar over his back but also a lesson to learn. He learned that staying under the sun for too long can be damaging and people often take it for granted just like he did. Everybody thinks that such a thing would not happen to them, or they think they are too young for such a thing to happen to them. 

Ryan and Fallon want to make as many people aware that they should never forget to put sunscreen on before going outside the house in days where the sun is very strong, and even when you are at the beach, you should never forget to re-put sunscreen on after you have cooled in the water and also do not forget to put sunscreen on areas like behind the neck or behind the ears where it is often left out. 

Skin cancer takes 10% of all types of cancer that is why a checkup here and there of your skin is very good because the sooner you find out the better chances you have of recovering from it. Doctors say that if you find out unusual dark spots on your body, moles that were already there but have changed shape, have discoloration or are even asymmetrical the best thing to do is to go and visit a doctor. Never leave such a thing just continue because it can mean the end of your life. 

Melanoma has a 99% survival rate IF it’s caught in its earliest stages. Please share this post it could save someone’s life.