Raising a nonprofit organization for the kids who never had a birthday party in their life, this teen is getting a lot of attention.

Do you know the worst part of being poor and helpless? Birthdays. Birthdays are the worst days when you are poor and you know you cannot quite have a birthday party. For me it has always been tough. Not because I didn’t have a birthday party. Occasionally I did. But most of the time people would even forget to wish me a happy birthday. And I am talking about my own brother here. So while I mostly didn’t have a birthday then I did have one, that’s what hurt me the most.

You know the tradition of having your birthday is mostly for kids so it’s really meaningless to ponder on the fact that I never had a white birthday. But what I would like to ponder on for a second is how many other kids out there are like me? How many other kids don’t get to see a white birthday with surprises and where everyone loves them and wishes them a happy birthday? Not enough apparently. Especially for the kids in the homeless shelters who don’t have absolutely anything.

But at least we are seeing someone do something about it finally. Take the example of this girl who has created a fundraiser and is getting donations from different businesses to help the homeless kids get a birthday party maybe for the first time in their life. Tanvi Barman who is only 17 years old, has decided to spend her birthdays much differently from her peers. Instead of going out with her friends and making new friendships or do what the other girls her age are doing, she is out there, trying to make homeless kids happy.

She is doing this in the Bay Area and is trying to help as many people as possible. Tanvi called the nonprofit ‘No Birthday Left Behind’ and she went on to contact many businesses like kids stores to help her out with presents or decorations. She started volunteering when she was only a child with her parents and apparently the tradition stuck with her. Maybe she felt really good out of giving something to someone else whom you know cannot pay you back. There is no price for that after all. It is a deep feeling of compassion that you get when you do so.

When asked Barman talked about the fact that these kids never got a birthday like she and the other kids get so it is only fair to throw one for them and make them happy for at least once. Plus she said that there is no comparison to the moment when the kids hold her hands and look at her with hope in their eyes, thankful for her existence in their life. I guess we all need a guardian angel sometimes to bring a little light in our dark lives and remind us that things are going to be alright.