The oldest living ex-President of America goes back to work even after leaving the ER with 14 stitches.

Volunteering is a great job. Is something done out of passion and desire to bring good into the world? While many people see volunteering as a hard work done for the sake of the non-profit companies, I see it as a learning experience, done for the sake of the people who really need it. There is no reason why anyone of us shouldn’t be a volunteer in something. After all, it doesn’t take much to help someone else and what you get in return is much greater anyway. Don’t get me wrong. When I say, ‘what you get in return’, I am not talking about getting monetary value back. Instead I am talking about getting spiritual value, such as the great feeling of compassion you get from helping someone else.

But what is the cost of volunteering? Well, like any other job, you have to see what you are volunteering. If you are handing out hot soup to homeless people every Monday morning, then the risk you have is probably very low. But on the other hand if you are volunteering to build someone else’s house then the risk you are taking on is bigger. Because like any construction work there is a chance that you can get hurt.

Just recently Jimmy Carter, the oldest living ex-President of America has gone to the emergency room where he got out with 14 stitches and a black eye. He fell on a sharp edge and had a really bad cut from it. But the ex-president is still strong, even though he is at the considerate age of 95 years old. He is volunteering with his wife to build new porches for a project that is building up 21 new homes in Nashville.

Both Jimmy Carter and Rosaline Carter have been working for 36 weeks with Habitat for Humanity. When asked by the media about the wound he said that it is something of no concern and that he will continue to work just as he did before. During the appearance you could see the band-aid at his forehead as well as the dark, reddish color of his eye. But spite the accident, and being at an old age, Jimmy continues to volunteer and does as much as he can for the community.

The fundraiser he has built is looking to hopefully build at least 26 townhomes and 12 new family homes by the start of 2021. That is an ambitious goal and even though to some it might seem small, it does the work just fine, at least for a couple of families. See, the point in volunteering is not about how much you help and competing who did the best, but it is about if you help at all. If you show that someone who needs help, that they are not alone and that you are here for them to help them get through hard times.