This Bus Driver Began Braiding an 11-Year-Old’s Hair Every Morning After Her Mom Died — and We’re In Tears

We’ve done tons of fantastic articles on doing good for other people on our blog. And, by now, you probably know what I am about to say! Well, for the ones of you that don’t, I want to let you know that doing a small good deed for someone can oftentimes go a long way for making their day better, or in some situations even their lives!

This is what 47-year-old Tracy Dean, a school bus driver living in Utah, did for an 11-year-old girl who was driving in her bus. Isabella Pieri, the 11-year-old student, was going to school driving the school bus for her entire school life, and she loved it.

One day, when Isabella’s mother died from a rare illness, she couldn’t get ready for school. What was worse, her father couldn’t help her because he didn’t know a thing about hairstyling. He even had Isabelle cut her hair in a crew cut. When the bus driver realized that the 11-year-old was not able to get ready, she decided to step in and help her.

Tracy stated that it was evident that Isabelle was struggling with getting ready. One area where you could really notice it was her hair, said the 47-year-old. From the day she realized that Tracy is helping Isabelle make her hair every day after they get in front of the school. She even taught her how to brush her hair.

This went a long way for Isabelle’s father, Philip Pieri, especially with the fact that he didn’t know how to help his daughter. He mentioned that she would get mad on him for continually pulling her hair or not doing it as she wanted. But, he mentioned that one day she couldn’t recognize her, because of the fact that she didn’t come back home with the same hairstyle that she left. She looked beautiful!

It’s not like Tracy doesn’t love to do Isabelle’s hair, but there’s a bigger reason why she is actually doing it. Namely, seven years ago, Tracy discovered that she is suffering from breast cancer. And, according to her, that was the first thing that passed her mind when she found out about the illness – “Who is going to take care of my children?” So, when she found out that Isabelle didn’t have a mother, she wanted to do her hair.

These are the kinds of people that I love reading and hearing about! This fantastic story really made my day, and I hope that it makes yours! It sure made Isabelle’s life much easier. Make sure you share this story to thank Tracy for doing a good deed. And, don’t forget to take your thoughts down in the comment section below!