Women followed by three men gets help by man she does not recognize

Many women in this world have experienced being followed. It’s kind of a natural thing when you are in a situation when you’re all alone in the middle of the night walking in some dim streets. I once had a similar occurrence also. I was walking with my friend on a very narrow road and it was midnight. As we were walking and enjoying our conversation we spotted four guys suspiciously walking behind us. At first, we didn’t think much about it, until 20 minutes later they were still following us. 

An woman walks late at night in the medina of Marrakech, Morocco (@torrenegra).

We were confused and decided to slow her pace so they could walk ahead of us. But as much as we stopped walking at a slower pace and even walked a lot faster they were still in the same position as they were before, behind us. This is where the panic started. We were only 15 years old, it was night and we didn’t know what else to do, where to find help or where to find a person who could help us. It became clear that the four men were following us and had bad intentions. But luckily we were near our neighborhood and I quickly called my dad to pick us up. 

But this event doesn’t just happen to kids or teenagers, it happens to grown adults also. The same occurrence happened to another woman in New York. She was walking down the road late at night and there were not so many people to be found around. She quickly spotted three men behind her acting suspiciously and constantly following her. She  Eventually became stressed out and afraid. 

Beside her was a stranger that she had never seen or met before. The only solution to get rid of this dangerous situation was to approach the stranger walking on the road. She slightly whispered to him that she was getting followed and needed to act as if they both knew each other so she could arrive home safely. 

Out of nowhere, the stranger decided to give her a big hug and act as if they knew each other really well. The kind man walked with her until he made sure he sent the woman home safely. He found out that the woman had a son to take care of. When he sent her at the front of the door the woman and her son thank him very much for his kind and unexpected action. Sometimes being a good citizen in this world doesn’t exactly mean being polite and doing good things for other people. It also means to help others in difficult situations such as this one. 

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