A kid who saluted the military goes viral on social media.

Kids do a lot of strange stuff sometimes. And at other times they are even smarter than adults. I have seen kids do some really smart stuff that adults won’t normally do and I think it all comes from the fact that they are innocent. It comes from the fact that as kids all of us act out of love and not out of ego. You see when you operate out of love and out of what you feel in your heart is right, you don’t worry too much about people’s opinion and you just go for it.

Jace Vega who is only six years old just went for it when he saw the military soldiers at the airport. He straightened himself up and gave them a military salute and his parents filmed the whole thing. After posting the photo on social media, Jace went viral and now companies are reaching out for him. It is his desire to become a soldier when he grows up and when he is asked why he saluted the soldier like that he said it is because they protect the country and they deserve respect.

Now the airport is searching for a copy of the photo and a Veteran company that does shirts wants one too. Jace has gone viral and he is really proud of what he did. He believes in the military. Personally, I think the military makes us more insecure. From who are we protecting anyway and why? From other people across the border who bleed the same as us but the government has convinced us that they are the enemy? It does not really makes sense but good for this young boy.