YouGov poll shows that Michelle Obama is the world’s most admired woman.

Polls are becoming a trend nowadays. From Instagram polls where people ask their friends about which meal they like better, to artists asking fans which beat they like better and to a collection data company like YouGov that asks organizations about their differences in politics, brands, beliefs, and behaviors. It’s all an experiment to see the statistics, not knowing the core reason why, they have asked to these organizations an opened and simple question about who do they admire the most from the people that are alive today in the world, men and women.

Michelle Obama rose to the first place in the poll that involved the whole world and the poll that involved only the U.S. She surpassed the actor Angelina Jolie and she was followed by the show woman, Oprah Winfrey, and to come to a conclusion with the top five, Queen Elizabeth II was at the fourth place and Emma Watson was at the fifth. All in all, there were 41 countries that participated in his poll and around 42,000 people that voted. Comparing that to the world’s population is a very small number to take into consideration but since these are organizations we are talking about, then these are educated people voting.


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Barack Obama came to the first place, followed by Donald Trump in the U.S. poll, however in the World poll, Bill Gates came up on the first place and Barack Obama in the second, leaving Trump in the 14th place on the list. Tell us what do you think? Who do you most admire from everybody that is alive in the world today, men or women? Let us know your opinion in the comments.