Kids are lacking basic life skills as the school educational system is failing to teach them.

I have been studying Robert Kiyosaki recently and I have really focused on personal financial education. Not only is financial education important for the way our psychology works, but also for having control over our lives and our finances. One fair thing that Robert points out is how school teaches us anything else about different subject, but they don’t teach us anything about money, or financial education. Schools nowadays don’t even teach kids basic life skills that are needed for survival in the world that we live in.

Back in the day’s kids would learn in school Home Economics, where little girls would learn how to cook and sew or manage finances and boys would learn how to use a screwdriver to fix things, how to work with wood and metal and other things. But now, the school education system is teaching kids another thing but not life needed skills.

Kiyosaki says that the whole idea behind what the school teaches is old and obsolete. The idea of finish school and get a job is what is keeping people poor. Because they are going to school to get a job and they are getting a job to make money, but they are getting taught nothing about money. They are getting taught nothing about debt and taxes either. The only thing that the kids are learning in school today is a bit of information for each subject and that’s it. If we really want to do a favor to the next generation we have to start doing a better job at teaching them.

Parents are getting more and more worried as they are seeing their kids lack a basic understanding of such simple and necessary skills. It is really alarming watching at how our kids are getting taught and witnessing where they are ending up once they are out of school.

Students have nowadays what are called student loans and the idea behind it is pure insanity to me. Because you cannot get out it. And there are people that go to college using a student loan and they never finish college, but they have the debt with them for the rest of their lives. I once was reading an article of a 39-year-old woman who died of cancer. She was working in a bank and 15 years after finishing college, she was still unable to clear her student loan.

Classes like Family and Consumer Science are essential for teaching our kids what they really going to need once they grow up. I remember a high-school teacher of mine would say that whatever she was teaching us, we were never going to use it in real life. Because real life is different than what the school teaches us. But most of the people don’t see that, because they are taught since little to stick to the plan, memorize the right answer and don’t make mistakes. This is the wrong way of thinking and if we want to change the way we are teaching our kids, then we must figure out how to change ourselves first.