IKEA gives instructions on how to build furniture forts while you are in quarantine

We have all grown bored and tired of the quarantine. We are sure that you have played every imaginable game that involves the whole family, and movie night has started to fade a bit. For the people that have kids, we know that you have run out of ideas and games to play with them to keep them entertained. Don’t worry just yet, we have a thing for you that will keep you, and the kids entertained the whole day.

IKEA Russia has started a new campaign that will bring back an old school activity that every kid loves. The campaign was created by an agency called Instinct. The campaign has numerous instructions on how to build forts and castles inside your home using your furniture. When posting this campaign, the agency wanted people to share their creations online and show their structures. Many people have posted photos on their social media, showing the work they have done with their kids.

All of the instructions are easy to follow, and you will be amazed at what basic house items you can use to create a cool hiding place. One of the structures that you can build only needs a table, two blankets, some books, and laundry pins. Your furniture doesn’t have to be bought in IKEA, you can use the items that you have at home.

People have been leaving comments thanking IKEA for the great idea and saying that their children have been having competitions on who can build the better fort or castle.