Soldiers Become an Internet Sensation after Performing This Song.

Soldiers know from experience how it is to be away from home. They choose to be away for years from their houses, their loved ones, and their home country. And while they are away, they risk getting killed during a mission to protect their land. 

It’s a cold war out there and you never know what might happen until it happens. That is why soldiers and the military are always with their vigilance on, and they take only a little bit of time to rest. But at least they can use this time, for some entertainment.

A group of soldiers did this while they were resting one day. They were just around the sand and decided to have some fun. For our luck, they decided also to record the whole thing and after they posted it, they became a viral sensation. 

The idea they came up with was genius. They took the song, ‘Call Me Maybe’, and did a funny, music video out of it. The soldiers emulated the same moves that the original cheerleaders of Miami Dolphins did when they first performed the song. 

Besides the fact that they sang the whole song, they also danced on cars and whatnot, adding more to the funny side of the video.

You can see them in the video not wearing any t-shirts and not giving a damn of what others think. They are simply enjoying themselves.