Victoria Arlen, a true-life inspiration who beat every odd and proved every doctor wrong.

Doctors have a tendency to be really negative. Whenever a doctor is not sure of a diagnosis, they will give you the worst possible thing that comes to their mind. That’s what they did to Victoria. When she was only 11, she started experiencing flu-like symptoms that led her to the hospital. After just a couple of weeks, she was paralyzed from her waist down. Day by day her body started shutting down. And in a couple of months, she was not able to make any movement what so ever.

She spent almost four years in a coma-like state. But what everyone around her did not know was that she was able to her and percept everything. The doctors said that she was in a vegetative state and that her case was hopeless. Little did those negative people know. Even though she couldn’t move even her eyelids, she was still conscious of everything around her. But the doctors were saying to her parents that she was practically brain dead when her brain was more than alive. She could hear everything but couldn’t notify them about it.


Thank God for her family that they kept her at home and gave her all the support she needed until she started making eye contact again, and then move a finger, then say words and sentences and then she could eat by herself. She was on a way of full recovery. Everything besides her legs. Doctors said she would not walk again. She started swimming and participated in the Olympics winning three silver medals and a gold one. Then she started training every day to gain her legs back and now she can almost walk like any other adult. The recovery is still continuing but she proved every doctor wrong.