After refusing early cancer treatment due to pregnancy, teen dies along with her baby.

What did Bob Marley do when he discovered that he had cancer in his finger? He simply decided to keep it and live with it, until cancer took his life. Well, the same is the story of a young woman who was diagnosed with blood cancer while she was pregnant and she refused to take treatment because that would mean abortion. But what she didn’t know is that was a fatal mistake which would later take the life of both hers and her babies. Sad, right.

Brianna Rawlings was only four months pregnant when she discovered that she had cancer. She was only eighteen years old and she had two choices. Fight cancer and lose her baby. Or keep the baby and lose her life. As a caring mother, she went for the second option, not knowing what a terrible mistake she had just done.

Only three months later the doctors had to perform a C section on her since she suffered from a blood infection that could harm the baby. So she delivered the baby three months prematurely. She was happy for a while but the baby survived only twelve days before passing away.

She remained with a promise to fight cancer at all costs and live a long and happy life. Her family did all they could to save her life. They spent a total of $3000 a week for medicine but by 19 years old Brianna lost her life for good. Maybe if she would have decided to fight cancer from the beginning she would have still been alive to this day. May God bless her soul and I hope she is in Heaven with her baby.