The world’s most beautiful grandmother at the age of 63, shares her secret to keep being young.

I believe I have an old soul. How do I know that? Whenever I contemplate or reminisce back at the times that I was a little kid, they seem so far and I feel l am 90. However, after reading this article, I started getting in touch with the kid inside of me. They say that age is nothing but a number and this woman proves this to be true more than anything in the world. She is called the world’s most beautiful grandmother and once you see her photos you will understand why.

Yazemeenah Rossi is a 63-year-old woman, but inside of her, she feels like she is still in her early twenties. Most of the models that you see on fashion channels nowadays are around the age of 18 or a little bit older, but Yazemeenah joined the modeling world when she was 30. Even though everyone around her did not believe she could make it as a model, because of her age, she keeps proving the non-believers wrong, even 30 years after the start of her career and she has a secret about it.

It’s not about plastic surgeries or interventions, but it’s about getting in touch with the child inside of you. As we grow older we also grow stronger. But most people think that the older they grow, the more fragile they become which is not true. Yazemeenah has proved that you can be strong and live like you are twenty even if you are 60. There are no mysteries.

Keep up the curiosity and the adventurous spirit and you will remain young. She uses no cosmetics, and the only thing she does is eating healthy and organic food and treat her skin with olive oil. She is a real inspiration for grandmothers all over the world.