Take a look at this moment of unconditional love manifesting, as Andrea Bocelli sings in a duet with his wife.

Finding the right person for you is an ongoing journey. Most people give up this journey at an early stage of their life as they settle for something less than they actually deserve. But I, I continued this journey with resilience, until I found more than the right one. I found the one. I am talking about the one in the Universe chance. The one woman who can be everything to me. She can be my friend and my partner. She can be my wife and my advisor. My lover and my fighter as we go through this war of life.

But I cannot be so selfish to say that I am the only one who has found the one for me. There are many souls out there that are so compatible and that have found each other in one way or another. And you can tell when love is unconditional by a simple look or a touch. A simple smile or face expression.

And one of the lucky ones that found true love and that person is Andrea Bocelli. He met with Veronica Berti in 2002 and they got married twelve years later. Before they got married, while they were still engaged, they did a little trip to a small village in the North of Italy. There, they had this romantic diner by the sand of the sea, while other people were sitting around. The night was still young and perfect as you see this couple hold hands together and probably express the deep love they have towards each other. The kind of love that knows no boundaries, that rings straight from the soul and drops like a waterfall and bathes the whole atmosphere hypnotizing everyone around.

At that moment Andrea and his soon to be wife, decided to get up and go in front of the crowd. There as they were standing, the orchestra started playing a familiar tune on acoustic guitar. The song “Qualche Stupido” starts with Andrea and Veronica start singing together harmonizing in perfect sync.

While singing they look at each other and you can see the profound emotion that is making that duet happen out of the moment. They didn’t have to practice since they know each other all two well to sync with each other in near perfection. Then Andrea Bocelli puts his hand around Veronica’s waist showing his pride for having ‘the one’ by his side and their voices join together as they leave the audience in awe with that romantic performance. Then as they finish the song, they take a bow and the crowd goes crazy about what they witnessed. They cannot stop applauding.

These two love birds gave a definitely beautiful show as their unconditional love manifested in every second of that night.