Strong Women Would Rather Self-Improve than Waste their Time on Jerks

In our society, the women who know what their worth is and are self-sufficient cannot be devalued by anyone. These women know what they want, and they will do everything to get it. They don’t want to settle for less. So, this means that these women would much rather live a single life than being in a relationship with a boyfriend who doesn’t cherish them.

There are a couple of traits that are a trademark of bad boys, and almost any woman finds them attractive. “Psychology Today” stated that extraversion, openness to new and exciting experiences, and impulsivity are some of these traits. While these traits don’t make a bad guy. Most of the “bad guys” are men who are emotionally unavailable and don’t want to commit because of the fact that they’re simply afraid of it. 

But, strong women really cannot even imagine themselves with a man who cannot devote to getting into a relationship. Yes, you might find the “Reaching for the untouchable” ones every now and then. But, the ones who are aware of their worth will never get in that kind of relationship, and there are many reasons why.

One of the more important reasons is the fact that their confidence levels are pretty high, they are aware of their position and, strong women will never wait for a man to decide that for them. They put themselves in front of everything, won’t give more attention to anybody else, and they try to stay as authentic as possible regardless of the situation.

Strong women are ready to be alone, and they won’t be with someone just for the sake of being with someone. They know that they can achieve inner peace and happiness by themselves and that they don’t need anybody else to do that. 

And, the last and the most important reason is that strong women don’t get into a relationship just to avoid being alone. They are aware that the most essential thing in a true relationship is a genuine connection. And that their significant other should be compatible and complementary to their personality. So, they will never lose their precious time on somebody who doesn’t understand them and feel just like they do. 

This is why they are ready to wait for the true partner to come into their lives. And while that happens, they would be happy to devote more time to self-improvement and search for happiness into the little things around them. 

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