Taking regular naps during afternoons can lower the risk of a heart attack by 50%.

I am not really the type that takes a nap in the middle of the day. My wife is though. She is the napper in our relationship and she cannot live if she doesn’t sleep an extra three hours during the afternoon. I like to sleep during the night but unfortunately work doesn’t let me get much sleep. I try to sleep during the day but something always comes up and I end up being awake at nearly four am still writing while typing at my laptop.

According to research, those who nap during the afternoon have a 50% lower chance to have a heart attack. University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland has studied more than 3,000 people of different ages to see some results. The study went on for five years and during that time of period people who wouldn’t nap would die quicker or experience a stroke or a heart attack. Those that did take a nap during the afternoon would still be alive and well. Sleeping is directly linked to the heart. Dr Nadine Hausler talked about how the lack of sleep affects the cardiovascular system.

Apparently, I will be the one that is going to die younger. Since my wife naps on the regular and I am getting only four hours of sleep at night, I pray to reach the age of 60 with this rate. If not oh well, its life and at least I am getting to do more stuff since I am awake more than her anyways. But for the nappers, good job, keep on sleeping people.