Betty White is 98 and she still manages to get around, proving the health news about her wrong.

My grandfather is 92 and he can still run. Sometimes I will see him go for slow jogging but soon as other people see him, and he sees them seeing him, then he will stop and pretend that he is old again. My father says that he does that to not get jinxed. But despite being old, he looks in a very good condition. And so does Betty White. You remember her. She plays the sweet grandmother in different movies that your kids love to watch.

Now she is 98 and she still manages to move around and fly at the airports. She has been captured in a picture lately, holding on to someone’s arm who’s helping her walk and she looks as good as she used to look when she had her acting career. Though rumors have been circulating around about her health issues, Betty White seems perfectly fine for her age. My grandfather who is 92 would mostly stay inside the house and maybe walk a couple of hundred meters from his house, but not have the power to go to the airport.

Betty White has played in movies like The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, and she is even featured on Toy Story 4 which is a 2019 movie. So despite her age, she continues her career with a passion. She has the longest television and acting career than any other entertainer in the show business, scoring 80 years of career. I hope I can get half of that career since life is very short. And now that she is old, at the age of 98, White knows for sure she is going to be remembered as a legend.