More than 15 Photos of Children Who Were Adopted.

Did you know that around 440,000 children remain on child care for around two years all around the US? The average age of these kids is around 8 years old. These kids are either orphans or abandoned by their parents, or in the best case, they are given up for adoption. It is a true shame that nearly half of million kids are out there without parents and getting raised by the social services. They wait and wait until someone comes along and expresses the desire to adopt them. 

A volunteering organization that helps foster kids called Together We Rise, has estimated that around 1200 kids a day are registered on foster care every day. These numbers are scary but this organization is doing its best to convince parents to adopt kids. Danny Mendoza is the founder of this non-profit and he was inspired by his little cousin. He found out that his 9 year old cousin was living in a car and he was trying to help him, but being below 21 years old, there wasn’t much he could do according to the law. Since the state denied him the access to help his cousin, he tried to find another way to help other kids in similar situations.

He shared his vision with his friends and colleagues and they all supported him to open a nonprofit organization. After a few years, Danny has been successfully running this nonprofit organization and he has been trying his best to help kids of all ages. After all they are our future. Together We Rise has shared numerous photos on Facebook and Instagram and when they launched a program for volunteers to help foster and homeless kids, more than 5000 professional volunteers decided to join. The program is going on strong and with the hope of helping every kid out there.