Aerosmith: Steven Tyler’s donation towards a house in support of abused women.

I think I am in an abusive relationship. Do you ever get that from people? Women especially? Not that men don’t find themselves in abusive relationships sometimes, or that we are the abusers most of the times, but simply men ain’t the case today. Tyler has decided to open a house that is going to shelter women who are being abused and take care of them. I must say it’s really impressive. I mean the world needs people like that, humanity needs people like that and I think that most of the artists or put simple, people that got the money, people that are, let’s say rich. You must give something back and giving a couple of bucks to the crazy lady on the street does not count.


Tyler put the location of the house in Memphis, and all of the locals or travelers are welcomed. You know that he gave away over $500,000, so without counting his net worth, I still think that is a lot of money and it is going to help a lot of people. It’s amazing what one hit record can do. You see music, brings people together and I think that the reason some women lives are going to be saved it is because of the people who felt and bought “Dream On”. It’s you. The people. Isn’t it amazing how giving back can works in a reciprocal way, you know, Tyler and the rest of the Aerosmith gave music, the fans give wealth, Tyler gets his cut, he also gives back to the people?

So Tyler gave this money for the 82-acre specifically soon as you leave Memphis, on the Youth Villages Bartlett Campus. He decided to call the song Janie’s house, from “Janie’s Got a Gun.” Tell me you have never heard that song before? Me neither. It is from 1989 and it is about an abusement story. Now that is a good way to combine together art and God’s work, by helping people not only spiritually an mentaly with the music but also helping out someone that is in need of physical help. A true inspiration.