Mother gets infected with flesh-eating bug after getting scratched from a stray cat.

My wife is the type of person to pet stray cats or dogs whenever she gets the chance to see one outside. At the moment she will see a stray dog she will come close to him and pet it and when it comes to stray cats, she might even pick them up. But after reading this story I am sure that she is going to think twice before doing something like that again. Did you know that you might get infected really badly and even lose your life because of it?

Moira Brady is a 45 years old woman who got into a really messed up situation after she was scratched by a stray cat. She found two cats fighting in the trampoline in the back yard and she tried to break them up. One of them scratched her on her left hand. Thinking that it was probably nothing, she just cleaned the small wound and that’s it. However a week later her hand begin to swell really badly and she went to visit a doctor. After diagnosis, they told her that she had been infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a flesh-eating bug that was immune to antibiotics.

The only solution that she had was to cut off a part of her finger. After she went to surgery and cut off half of her finger, the doctor said she had to cut the rest also, because she risked an infection. And they were totally right. She got the infection in her blood and now she was forced to do a blood transfusion in order to be alive. So only from a cat scratch she nearly died.