Couple Builds a Debt Free House From Shipping Containers.

It is almost everybody’s dream to live without having to pay for the mortgage or at least debt-free. But in the world that we currently live in that seems like an illusion that will probably never come true. I mean, living debt-free or mortgage-free, seems like something that it is far from possible. Well, that is not true and there are ways out there to accomplish such a thing. It is just a matter of imagination and personal will. If you have these two in your arsenal, nothing is impossible. Let us show you what we mean.

Let us introduce to you, Dave and Jaimie, a couple who made it possible for them to live without a mortgage and debt-free. And the way they did it will surprise you to every extent. The couple was dedicated enough to have a house of their own, but they didn’t want to pay the bank for it, so they decided to build one themselves. What did they use to build the house? With two shipping containers, one on top of the other and A LOT of hard work and the house of their dreams was finally finished. 

They set a goal to not borrow money and not spend on unnecessary things. By using all their willpower, their unconditional love for each other, and their motivation, plus a do it yourself method, they were able to turn these two shipping containers into a dream house. Dave had a brain problem during the process but that did not stop the couple from getting the job done. The couple actually used the process of building their home, as physical and mental therapy for Dave’s recovery.