Mother’s post on Facebook goes viral after she thanks all the midwives helping her delivering the baby.

Having a baby must be one of the hardest things that women can do. I remember a few years back when my sister in law had her first daughter. Her waters broke down at home and we took her to the hospital. After examining and trying to have the baby the normal way, the doctor noticed that the cord was around the baby’s neck. So they were forced to perform a C section the last minute. After everything was done, I remember the look on my brother’s face thanking the doctor from his heart.

A mother posted on Facebook about her first birth experience. She starts the story from when her waters broke down and how she had the constant help of the midwives all throughout the process. She mentions the midwives that gave her the calming medicine, the midwives that gave her emotional support during the time that the baby was stuck, the midwives that clean the baby up after he was delivered. She says that her biggest regret is not asking for the names of the midwives that according to her are the angles that helped her at her most difficult time.

It is truly strange. How someone that you have just met can give you that kind of emotional and physical support and then simply disappear from your like. The name of the baby is Barnaby and his mother did an awesome job by thanking all of the midwives and doctors that stood by her with a great vigilance until they were assured that she and her baby were fine. Now Barnaby must be a little over one year old but he wouldn’t be in this world if it wasn’t for the hardworking midwives who literally save lives.