Left by deadbeat father when she was 8 months pregnant, a woman gets help from local businesses after going to a radio show.

There are some mean and evil people out there. There are some demon people out there who pretend to be by your side for years and then suddenly they turn on you and abandon you when you need them the most. That’s what happened to Amanda from Australia when her husband left her. They have been married for years and for the last three years they have been trying to have a baby. When she finally got pregnant and they had saved money for the mortgage and everything, he left suddenly one day when she was eight months pregnant, taking all the money away.


Amanda was broken, her whole world collapsed. She had been abandoned by her own partner and she was broke. Not knowing what to do, she asked for the help of her friends. Her friend Anna, stood by her side and helped her with all she could. Anna advised Amanda to go to a radio station and participate in a show. The station called KIIS 1065 had a show called “Giveback” and Amanda went there trying to get some help.

After the radio staff learned about her story, they decided to help her and put her on the show, together with her friend Anna. While speaking to the radio host, Amanda fell to tears, sharing her heartbreaking story. After she told the story, the radio host invites her to take a look at a monitor where her house showed up. The camera started capturing gifts that had been donated by different people. Among the coupons, a Vacuum cleaner, $4000 of baby supplies, the camera showed open oven, where they saw $10.000 in cash stacked up. Now Amanda’s money problems were solved and she could bring her baby to live without worries.