Four Couples Decide To Build Their Own Houses to Grow Old Together.

Best friends are something that you rarely find in today’s world. With all the problems and the crisis going on around it is almost impossible to find someone that you can trust. But if you do find that one, then never let them go because they are a gem. One of the best things one can do is spend their life with their best friends and even grow old with them. How about when this friendship occurs between four couples? This is a one in a million case and it has happened in Texas. 

These eight friends had a wish of growing old together and the architect Matt Garcia was there to accomplish their desire. They picked a spot that faces the Llano river in Austin Texas and there they built four small homes for themselves. Each of the homes cost around $40,000. They named this plan the Llano Exit Strategy. It is a perfect plan for when they get old. They can simply stay by the river and enjoy each other’s company in nature. The idea is so soothing simply by thinking about it. 

The outside of the house is made from reflective metal walls that will keep the homes cool during the summer. The inside is made out of plywood and the doors and windows are insulated. The roofs of the house are designed in such a way to capture more than 50,000 gallons of water from the rain in big containers. They have almost everything they need inside, including the kitchen with all the appliances. They even included a guest bedroom in case one of their relatives or other friends decides to drop by. Each cabin has a fantastic view of nature. These friends cannot wait for the day that they will be old and enjoy the cabins to themselves.