Teen passes away in his home after the doctors do the wrong diagnoses.

I have heard so many stories like this. Doctors neglecting the true cause of a problem. I already told you guys that I have been in the emergency room more than five times during May. Wait. Have I told you that story? Let me rephrase. I was suffering from major panic attacks during May. It all started at the beginning of this year when I started feeling a pinch like pain on the left side of my chest. At first, I thought it was only muscular and nothing serious. But as the pain continued, the panic attacks kicked in and literally every day I started thinking I was going to have a cardiac arrest. I went to the ER more than five times during May and three of them I was totally neglected. The doctors only checked my pulse and said that I am fine.

However, I did all the necessary analysis that I needed to assure myself and it turned out that I am healthy as a horse. But this is not the case for everybody. Teenagers passed away recently after the doctors did the wrong diagnose and neglected him. Jack Dunn, 17 years old, started experiencing major stomach pain to the point that he could barely walk. His father took him to the hospital and after a couple of analysis, the doctors said that he only had bad constipation and gave him a laxative and sent him home.

The next day his father found him dead in his bed. The true cause of his death was an underlying condition caused by the creation of ketones which are usually signs of type 1 diabetes. So with a little bit of analysis, the doctors could have found the problem. Only a glucose test could have saved Jack’s life. Now the parents are raising awareness for other people, telling them to be cautious and do every possible test if they experience any kind of pain.