Bikes to be prescribed on NHS for first time in attempt to improve health of overweight people

The world is evolving, so also is technology. It is a great thing that simpler and more efficient ways to do things are being developed every day. Some of the situations or task that people see as very difficult are mad simpler and easy by technology and the human mind through evolution of the race. A new suggestion and way has been made in the health sector to ease things and proffer a better treatment to heart diseases. NHS doctors will be able to prescribe membership of bike schemes, as part of an effort to get people fit and active. It is said and hoped that this new initiative will reducing the risk at which people develops heart diseases.

Research has made it known that regular cycling can highly reduce the rate at which a person develops heart related diseases by a massive percentage of 46. It can also reduce the rate at which people also develop risky cancer diseases by 45 percent. Do you know that even a little amount of cycling can reduce the risk of having cancer and heart related diseases by 32 percent and 36 percent respectively?

This idea originated when it was tested by GP’s in Cardiff, Wales, using the Nextbike bicycle-share scheme of the city as a part of the prescription. This will enable doctors to offer patients 30 minute free hire sessions for six months free of charge. Research has shown us that UK is lagging behind other European countries in terms of exercise participation by the citizens. The project is highly being funded for a trial period by the bike sharing company Nextbike and if this proves to be a success, it will be rolled out to other surgeries across the city.

It is recommended that adults are active for at least 150 minutes every week, but many people feel that 150 minutes is simply too difficult to fit into their busy schedules. Not only can cycling reduce your risk of having heart diseases by 52 percent, it is also a means of transportation for you if your car is not available and this can make you understand your environment better.

Dr Karen Pardy is one of the GPs who will be testing out the new schemes with her patients. She said: “Nextbike on prescription provides GPs and their teams with a valuable opportunity to help encourage patients to become more active. While we are aware of the many benefits of exercise for our patients, people are sometimes reluctant to engage.”

Nextbike on prescription allows people to have a go at cycling around Cardiff and realize how this can help to support their overall well being.”