People are giving themselves nostril extensions, Latest beauty trend we never asked for

This might sound weird to you but let me ask, what do you think of your nose hair? That was unexpected right? Well, for years now men and women have the trait of trimming, waxing and otherwise removing the longer hairs that extend outside their noses due to the fact that some people find it unhygienic while some find it gross. What will you do if I told you that all that is really not necessary? Why is this so? Super hairy nose is actually trending now and very desirable. In fact, some people are even giving themselves nose hair extensions. That’s desirable right?

An Instagram celebrity used false eyelashes to create the look and this led to a trend of other people following this tune. Many people jumped to the idea straightaway and gave it a go themselves, but to be sincere I don’t really see why. Seriously, we have had a fair share of weird fashion trends for years now. From bow brows to ants in fingernails, but I actually think that this trend might just go up the ladder in terms of fashion weirdness. It would actually look like a spider is in there, wee, if that’s the look you are going after, it’s cool.

The nose hair extensions tag on Instagram is a delight to all hair fanatics with a catalogue of pictures of women showing off their hairy nostrils and they look… erm… awesome? Although putting superglue in your nose just to fix your nose hair extension isn’t really worth it. So, if you are thinking of doing this trend and tempted to give this strong look a try, maybe don’t.

Well, we can’t say that we are coming to the end of this but if that is not enough nose hair news for you for a day, and then let me tell you a little story about a man. He went to his doctor complaining of a blocked nose, when test and examinations were carried out, it was realized that a tooth was stuck in his nose. Now, imagine if he had had an extra layer of nose hair for protection.