Stuck behind the cooler: Employe missing for ten years.

I remember when I was little being stuck accidentally in two places. The first one I was very little and I barely remember this one, but I got stuck in a small warehouse we had in our garden. It was dark and filled with wine barrels and a lot of other stuff. I don’t remember how I got stuck I just know that I spent the whole day there until parents finally found me. That’s why I am scared of the night now as an adult. The second case where I spent a whole day stuck was in my parent’s bedroom. The wind closed the door so hard and it could not open anymore. I was seven and I was scared of that room. Anyway, my point is, these kinds of stuff happen and they might even take your life away.

That’s what happened to a grocery store employee after he got stuck. He stayed stuck for ten years, behind a cooler and his body was found recently. I just can’t seem to imagine the guy’s death. It makes me reminisce back to the moment that I was stuck and ponders if would not make it. The name of the employee was Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada and he was pronounced missing since 2009. Only recently, long after the grocery he used to work is closed, his body was found while the workers were cleaning up the whole place.


According to the police he probably went up to the cooler, the place where any of the other employees would go to take a ‘break’ and he probably fell on the other side, being stuck between the wall and the cooler. And due to the large noise of the cooler, nobody could hear him screaming. The autopsy showed no signs of trauma in his body and pronounced it as an accidental death.