A teacher goes viral after posting about getting fired for giving zero to students.

Did you know that elementary schools do not allow it for teachers to give zero to students? No matter if the student has done the assignment or not, the teacher is obligated to give a minimum of 50. I remember when I was in school that the teachers would threaten us about giving a zero that could ruin your whole year for that subject. But that is not allowed. Though some of my peers got expelled for getting zero never finished high school, the case in this story is much different.

A teacher got fired for giving zeros to her students after they did not turn in the assignment they had two weeks of time to prepare. Diane Tirado is the name of the teacher which gave her students an assignment and they had two weeks to get it done, but unfortunately, some of them didn’t have anything ready when the deadline was there. So the teacher just decided to break the rules and give them zero. When the school found this out, they fired the teacher for being disobedient and breaking the rules for the elementary school.

Diane went on to post about the story on Facebook and she got viral with a lot of people supporting her opinion that the students should not get 50 points for not turning in anything. After all, it makes sense right? It’s like getting half of the salary for doing nothing. Nobody gives away money for free, so why should Diane give grades for free? It’s kind of fair if you think about it because these students are going to become grownups and they have to learn the rule that you get what you give and if what you give is nothing, you’ll receive nothing.