15 year old boy showing unconditional love towards old couple across the street.

Not everyone is so good to help other people. Most of the people out there would never do something for anything because all they think about is money. We live in such a greedy area where the poor and the middle-class care only about money, instead of caring for each other truly. The youth is constantly being judged for their ruthless actions, but as that philosophical point say, if they would know better, they would have done better. Like this young man here who is some out as a role model even though he is only fifteen.

What has he done so special to get praised on this level? He is a caring neighbor. I fact he is so dedicated to them that she checks them every time that he leaves the house. Romemylion is a very bright hearted young man. An old couple lives across the street from him and he helps them on a regular basis. He does groceries for them, he walks with them as a guardian, he mowns their lawn and any other house chores. Since the old couple’s health has begun to decline, Romemlion took the decision to be by their side without charging anything. It feels when you help someone else, especially when you know that someone cannot pay you back.

So help other people as if you got nothing to gain or lose, besides the deep compassion you are going to feel and the spirit wideness you are going to receive. For we are others and others are us so when we help them, we are helping ourselves.

A book that I am reading recently called the Tibetian Book of Living and Dying talks about how we can only heal and we can only benefit when we help others. Look at history. What do you think made Jesus such a great figure? He would only help those in need and he would teach others to do the same. Mother Teresa followed the same example. And even though these people didn’t have much when they died, the impact they left in the world was massive.

You never know how your actions may affect others around you, so you might as well be kind to all.

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