Lions cannot stop hugging the woman who raised them.

Once you decide to raise an animal, know that that animal will love you for life. No matter how much time has passed that you haven’t seen the animal, if you gave them your love, they will totally give you their unconditionally. No matter what. They will be there and be ready to greet you and hug you tight showing in any way how much they have missed you. And that animal can be a dog, a cat or even a lion. That’s right. A lion. That’s what happened to a woman recently.

Michaela Zimanova is a woman who is not afraid of lions. In fact, she has raised two lions herself when their mother rejected them. She showed them loved and cared for them while they were little. All the compassion that she gave to them, is coming back to her as seen in this video that has gone viral recently. She hasn’t seen the lions in a month since they are all grown up now and she cannot be around them every day. But when reunion day comes along, they make sure to give each other so much love that should be enough for a month.

In the video below you can see Michaela going to a fence and then the lions running towards her, putting their front legs on the fence and hugging her as if they were humans. They have clearly missed her a lot as they cannot stop hugging her and despite their big size, they are careful to be subtle in the hug that they give to her. Animals are purely God’s consciousness, no matter the animal that we talk about.