51 Falling in Love Quotes for your Valentine!

Life is filled with amazing moments, such as visiting a country or city you wanted, your first kiss, getting your driver’s license. Still, none of those can be as beautiful as falling in love.

Many people, when they genuinely fall in love and feel that sensation, are left speechless and can’t think of the right words to express themselves. Then some people have been let down in previous relationships and don’t quite know or are hesitant to express feeling again.

We can sit here and name a lot more reasons why people can’t truly express their feelings. But whatever they may be, here are some quotes that can help to figure out what you want to say to your significant other.

Love at first sight

1. “I immediately knew you were the one for me, there were no doubts or second thoughts, form the first time I saw you, and in a moment I realized in my heart that my soul had known yours from a long time ago.” Beau Taplin

2. “I fell in love when I saw you, and you laughed because you were sure of it.” Arrigo Boito

3. “It will sound insane, but … I could not stop thinking about you from the first moment I laid my eyes on you.” Leigh Fallon, Carrier of the Mark

4. “I haven’t expected to fall into your love, and I wonder that you intended to di the same. But it was obvious once we met that none of us could manage what was happening between us.” Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

5. “One kiss only. It takes a person’s heart, often, to break his composure.” J.M. Storm

6. “At first glance, at last glimpse, at always and ever glance, it was love.” Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

7. “At first glance, it’s not passion, really. It’s more like awareness of the spirit.” Lynette Simeone

8. “I did not select you.” I did not. I just glanced at you, and then there was no turnaround. No looking back.” Unknown

9. “At first look, this passion was eternal: an elusive, unhoped-for, unforeseen sensation – inasmuch as it might be a question of awareness; it was fully taken up by him and, with glad wonder, he realized it had been a matter of life.” Thomas Mann

10. “Have my heart loved so far? Forsake it, you see, for I have never seen true beauty until this night.” William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


11. “The very first time your soul whispered to my soul, I can’t remember, but I think you woke it up.” M Storm

12. “You can’t look into someone’s eyes, so you can’t fall in love with them. I once stared into your soul, I’m trapped forever.” Cynthia Go

13. “There’s something special about us. A deeply spiritual matter. The way we slide into each other too effortlessly as if our affection had been made of the ground. There are star systems that explode at our hands as we reach them. We’re in the groove. Our souls are crooning the same old song. The cosmos was preparing for it. I realize that. I know that.” Beau Taplin

14. “… And my soul saw you, and it was kind of saying,” Wow, you are there. I was searching for you.” Iain Thomas

15. “It wasn’t falling for him at all. It was walking into a house and instantly realizing that you’re safe.” R.I.D.

16. “The way I felt for you was instinctive. Like a breathless stream.” Josh Walker

17. “I agree that some spirits can interact without our knowledge. This is why for the first time you can see someone, but you know just inside. It’s not the first time you feel them, you know.” J.M. Storm

18. “You believe the universe is fighting together for souls?

Many events are too strange and strong to match.” Emery Allen

19. “I got close a little, and it was all that was required. I’ve been trapped. Because it sometimes occurs when the heart knows it.” J.M. Storm

20. “We understood that. They realized that. Distance, time, and we knew nothing could divide them. It’s true. It was genuine.” It was clear. Meg Ryan, Sleepless in Seattle

Falling in love with her

21. “I had to make her laugh and make her fall in love. But I am the one who falls in love every time she smiles.” Tommaso Ferraris

22. “And I see something more stunning in her eyes than the stars.” Beth Revis, Across the Universe

23. “She’s delightfully messy, a perfect mess. Loving her is a wonderful adventure.” Steve Maraboli

24. “I love how it makes me feel that anything is possible, or that life is worth something.” Tom Hansen, 500 Days of summer

25. “He sat down and tried not to look long at it, as if it was the light, but saw it, even without looking at it.” Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

26. “He’s pulling her hair from her face. He’s tossing it over his eyes. She is his astonishment, he says. In a million years it’s going to never leave it, he says.” Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

27. “Loving her is listening to anything the heart performs.” John Green

28. “I’d have wanted one breath of her beauty, one lips kiss, one hand touch instead of forever without her.” Nicolas Cage, City of Angels

29. “I haven’t seen a smile so beautiful. Just as I was standing. My heart is lost … it can’t come back again.” John Clare

30. “But seeing her was loving her, enjoying her and always respecting her.” Robert Burns

Falling in love with him

31. “His mouth is like paradise, I say, and his kisses rain like stars over me.” Richard Siken, Saying Your Names

32. “But he reaches and he embraces you like a prayer that no words are for, and you know that your heart is embedded in your chest, just like you find something you don’t have a name for” Richard Siken, You Are Jeff

33. “He is more me than I am. Whatever is made of our souls, his soul and mine are identical.” Catherine Earnshaw, Wuthering Heights

34. “I can’t sleep, I can’t just eat, I can’t just think about him. I dream about it at night, I wait all day for him, and my heart turns back when I see him, and I think I’m going to faint with wish.” Philippa Gregory, The Other Boleyn Girl

35. “It makes your chest tightened up … a glimpse of him —no more — and maybe that’s your fairytale.” Charlotte Eriksson

36. “If you urge me to say why I loved him, I can only say he was, and I was.” Michel de Montaigne

37. “It wasn’t a question, she loved him. But in a way he had to comprehend, she loved him. She nevertheless loved him.” J.M. Storm

38. “And every night she changes herself, stays up late so falls stronger in love.” R.M Drake

39. “She knew several hundred small stuff, but she didn’t remember her own name, when he kissed her.” Michelle Hodkin

40. “She belonged to him, not because he begged for it, but because it was something she couldn’t deal with.” J.M. Storm

Falling in love with you

41. “I knew that I was dreaming of you, so I began to wonder how long you had been on my mind. Then it came to me: you’ve never left since I saw you.” Unknown

42. “Often, your closeness takes away my breath, and all the words I’d like to say can’t find expression. Instead, in silence, I can only hope that my eyes can talk to my heart.” Robert Sexton

43. “I keep myself occupied with stuff to do, but I still think of you every time I stop.” Cecelia Ahern

44. “I promise I can’t love you more than I can do now, but I know I’m going to love you even more tomorrow.” Leo Christopher

45. “I’d stroll eternally in my garden if I’d ever had a flower every time I think of you.” Alfred Lord Tennyson

46. “Well, it is because of you that I realize what love is.” Herman Hesse

47. “You are all meaning, all hope, and all the dreams that I have ever had.” Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

48. “So I feel it’s going to be you. My entire life …” Stephen Bishop, All of My Life

49. “Every day, I love you more, because you see. Now more and less than tomorrow.” Rosemonde Gerard

50. “The intensity of my affection for you, the limits are increasing.” Christina White

51. “You are on this heart of mine still the first and the last thing. I think about you regardless of where I go or whatever I do.” Dierks Bentley

Every one of us has at least once in our lives, wanted to say something to another person but we struggle or hesitate because we want the things we say to be perfect. Words and things we say can make a difference to someone, and if done right, they can be embedded into one’s mind forever.