Decorating your garden with old glass bowls and vases

Even if winter is here to stay for a couple more months, it is certainly time to start planning on how you would decorate your garden or back yard, for springtime. If you didn’t know, you could do amazing things with your old serving plates, glasses, vases, and other décor pieces that are made from glass. So if you were prepared to throw them away, consider giving them a nice clean up and try to use them as your new decorations for your garden.

One of the simplest and most beautiful looking things that people have been doing with their old glass bowls and vases are making glass mushrooms. All you need to do is get your old vase and bowl made of glass, take some glue, and combine the two. Place the glue on the bottom of the vase and place them inside of the bowl on top. Let it sit for a while so the glue can stick nicely, and you are ready to place your new glass mushroom in your garden.

Some people have even put their smaller mushrooms on their patio tables. And even inside their home, to really capture that spring look. If you want your mushrooms to stand out, you can use vases and bowls in different colors.

If you don’t have any glass vases or bowls that you own, don’t worry. These types of things you can easily find in thrift stores and they are quite cheap. So go to your local thrift store, get yourself some glass bowls and vases, and spring up your garden.

For the ones that don’t want to make these decorations on their own, you can purchase them online from people who make them. You can find many pieces that are selling online, in different shapes and sizes, different colors, and they can go up to 50 dollars apiece.

This is just one of the things people come up with when it comes to spring décor and decorating their gardens. A lot more can be done with old dishes and ceramic plates and teacups. You can turn your old cup set into bird feeders, again just needing your teacup sea and a bit of glue. Every piece that we have mentioned can be found in thrift stores, and you will be amazed by how beautiful it can look if you put a little twist on it.

So next time you think of throwing away some old vases or teacups, think again about how you can reuse them and make something beautiful from something you haven’t used in ages.