Luxurious 5300 sq. ft. house goes on sale for £1.1 million

What we dream of since a very young age is having that beautiful dream house we can live happily in. But of course, buying a house is not all that easy. 

If you have deep pockets you are in luck because this beautiful luxurious house is just the place you would want to spend the rest of your life at. 

This 1.54-acre property is located in north Leicestershire and it has just gone on sale! Well, it is still quite expensive even though it’s on sale but after you check it out you will come to understand that it is worth the big bucks. 

The house looks like anything special from the outside. Just an ordinary traditional English home. But the inside is just mind-blowing. 

On the inside, you will enjoy plenty of space and well-designed rooms with all that it is needed along with a pool, sauna and a huge personal back garden. 

The first floor of the households 4 double bedrooms, but that is not all. It also includes three modern-furnished bathrooms and a sauna. Wouldn’t you just love sweeting all your toxins away in the comfort of your own home? Because I know that I would. 

The main room has the house has a bath that includes a built-in roman style shower place and the sauna also. But wait, it is not over just yet. There is more.  

The floor is equipped with a 6.74m x 2.8m sized pool that is somehow unexpected for such a usual looking property. The second floor of the house also has four reception rooms. 

But the house does not cost a whooping £1.1 million just for that. Along with the house, you have a beautifully constructed personal back yard. It is equipped with outdoor dining space to have a nice BBQ gathering and a beautiful green flourished garden. 

And last but not least, the kitchen. We cannot forget that, can we? The house comes with a great farmhouse kitchen that has its own wine storage place and it is completed by having AGA. 

We might talk hours and hours going into more detail describing this unique and “secretly luxurious” house. But these photos will let you have a glimpse of yourself. 

So if you just happen to have £1.1 million lying around your countertop, you can just consider moving in this regrettable century-old house.