Retired military dogs need a home

When it comes to joining the military, everyone retires. Even dogs. Millions of dogs retire from the military every year. 

Most people like the fact of adopting a dog that is a softer kind of breed can be better for the family and also less dangerous. Well, that is what I first thought about also. 

I just saw a little cute white poodle while walking on the road today and I just could not resist petting him. Then I was thinking about why I do not just adopt one. It would relieve all this stress I and my husband have been having lately. 

I never heard that you can adopt retired military dogs. I did not even have no clue about what happens to them after their retirement. But it is heartbreaking when you find out. 

These dogs have either two options. Either they get adopted to spend the rest of their life happily and in peace with their new family or they sadly wait for one day to get adopted in some shelter for abandoned animals. 

The saddest part of all is the fact that some of them are not lucky and end up spending all of their lives waiting to be adopted in a shelter, lonely. That is why lately the military has claimed that more of their retired dogs should be adopted, for the sake of having a loving family caring for them. 

So if you have made up your mind that you will adopt a retired military dog that is great, but you will need the patience to do so. See it is not as easy to adopt a retired military dog as easy as it is to adopt a normal dog. 

The process might take up to two years and your state of living has to complete some criteria for them to be adopted by you. One of them is having a considerable fence to your house, not have more than three other dogs as pets, not having friends under five years old and more. 

Now, after reading this you might think that there is no way you are adopting such a “dangerous” dog. The thing is that people get it very wrong. These dogs are far from dangerous. 

People that have adopted them prove it well. Many of them say that they obey well and never act aggressively towards anything. They even rarely bark. 

These brave dogs deserve a warm and loving environment to spend their last years of life. Just for the sake of being a brave and strong military participator.  .