Motorcyclist Dandon Miller was driving down a Pennsylvania motorway n Memorial Day when he ran over a stunning sight. Mill operator found a severely harmed bald eagle lying on the interstate.

A couple of other individuals had halted, anyway, no one appeared to be secure with how to support the poor bald eagle.

“I looked down to perceive any reason why everybody was halting and there was a bald eagle amidst the street,” Miller clarifies.

“Someone else was there and they sort of poked her a tad to check whether she would stroll off the street or fly away. She spread her wings open and was not going to go anyplace.”

Mill operator dialed 911, where they guided him to a flying creature restoration focus called Tri-State Bird Research and Rescue. They disclosed to Miller it would take around 45 minutes for them to arrive.

Mill operator acknowledged he expected to get the bald eagle off the roadway, yet he was anxious she would scratch him with her claws.

He removed the wool shirt, enclosed the bald eagle by it, and tenderly lifted her up. The bald eagle resisted the urge to panic as Miller acknowledging he needed to support her.

Mill operator’s preferred shirt presently has a couple of gaps in it, he couldn’t care less as he says merited helping the bald eagle.


Rebecca Stansell touched base to take the hawk to the Tri-State Bird Research and Rescue focus very nearly an hour later and she expressed gratitude toward Miller bountifully for his assistance. Rebecca hurried the bald eagle into medical procedure once they arrived and the inside. Her wounds were for the most part shallow.

” She had mellow damage to one eye and delicate tissue wounds, however, no messed up bones,” Stansell said. “Her injuries were treated by our natural life veterinarian while the hawk was under anesthesia. The sudden can generally occur, however, we are hopeful that she will make a full recuperation.”

On May 29, 2019, Tri-State Bird Research and Rescue shared an update about the bald eagle on their Facebook page. They said she was progressing nicely—she was self-sustaining and her wings were mending rapidly. They were sure that she would have been alright!

Fortunately Miller’s signal this hawk in making a course for recuperation. What an incredible method to spend Memorial Day!