17-year-old deer dies due to plastic consumption.

VI have been hearing a lot of controversies lately about plastic and the damages that it does to our habitat and to the animals around us. I’ve heard of something called the Garbage Island and of birds getting stuck on the plastic rings that hold together a six-pack of beers. Or a few months back when a whale died and more than 50 pounds of plastic were found inside her stomach. Is truly terrifying what we are doing to the planet Earth and especially to the animals that live and share this Earth with us.

A 17year-old deer have died recently in Japan and autopsy shows that the deer died due to plastic consumption. More than 4 pounds of plastic were found inside the deer’s stomach, making it impossible to ingest and digest food in the right way. Nara Park is in Japan and is known for being a favorite place to visit by tourists, where they come and visit deer mostly. But apparently, they are not as clean and eco-friendly as they seem. If you are going to visit a place to cherish nature and mother Earth then make sure to keep it clean.

Apparently, some of the tourists throw away plastic bags with food in them or they feed the deer’s directly from the bag and that is really, really bad. A deer does not know the difference from what is edible and what is not. So when a deer finds a plastic bag with food in it, the deer eats the whole thing. Then you find them dead with 4 pounds of plastic inside their stomach. People need to start waking up and making a difference if we want to make a better place from what we got.