Medical center staff members throw a graduation party to an old Veteran.

I just came in from a discussion I was having with my wife about this topic and it all started after I read an article. You know I never get war, it’s so primitive. Whether World Wars or the primitive spire wars or Vietnam, I think is a dumb way to solve a conflict. And think about soldiers. I am really curious how did they end up? Well one of them is still alive and at an old age of 78. It was 60 years ago when he decided to drop out of school and go to war. He was only 18.

Floyd Covey never got to finish high school and that really upset his mother. He expressed his wish to a staff member in the Medical Center where he is at the moment. And the staff decided to get in touch with the government workers at the Department of West Virginia and managed to get him a diploma from the Upshur County Board of Education. Unfortunately, Floyd did not have a chance to attend the graduation ceremony but the staff threw him a party at their center and he got to wear the blue graduation dress and hat.

My wife wondered why he wanted a diploma now anyway. I mean he’s old and his mother is probably long dead. But I think that this is the last mockery that the government is doing to him because at first a government employee registered him to war and now a government employee is giving him a diploma to bring a little rush into his life. After all, he never got the chance to enjoy much of it.