Enjoy your holiday while resting in a wine barrel-shaped room.

With the advance of the technology, the architectural structures that get built today also have advanced in a major way. And this change has had and is having an impact on every business, especially hotels. Since being the owner of a hotel is not easy, and with all the competition that is out there, you want to be really creative when it comes to the service and the product that you provide. That’s why the smart owner of Quinta da Pacheca, shaped the actual hotel rooms, as wine barrels.

Being the fact that Quinta da Pacheca has been a wine real estate for more than two hundred years now, the owner had to come up with this original idea, in order to make people curious, about the feeling that you might get, by sleeping inside a giant wine barrel. And the most surprising of all is that these rooms still provide you with every detail of the hotel service. You still have the wardrobe and the walk-in shower, Wifi and you also have a private terrace for you to enjoy a romantic night with your partner.

One of the coolest things you can do is drinking wine, while you are in a wine barrel. That’s just like Pinocchio eating fish with his father, inside a giant fish. And for those of you who don’t like the exaggerated experiences, there are larger barrel-shaped rooms that may give you more comfort while you sit back and enjoy yourself. Quinta da Pacheca is always open for the public and people who might be wine lovers and who would just love to enjoy a unique experience of sleeping inside a wine barrel. And that experience would be something out of a movie for a couple. Something to be remembered.