The optical illusion that is driving the internet crazy.

I remember a few years back when an optical illusion about a dress came up on the internet. You probably know what I am talking about. Some people would see the dress as black and blue, while other people like me would see the dress as gold and white. This happens because of the light reflection and the way that our brains percept light individually. It turned out that the true color of the dress was indeed black and blue and I still have not done an eye checkup since then.

Now this new image posted on Reddit recently is driving the internet crazy. The image is created by squares and lines but the creator of the image claims there are 16 circles inside the image. So far only a small amount of people has been able to identify the circles. Most of the commenters claim to see squares and there are some of those that are mad at the creator and claim the whole thing to be a fraud. But it’s not. I’ve tried it myself. There are 16 circles inside the image and I found all of them in less than a second, since the first time that I saw the image.

Well, since I was wrong about the dress I can take the W for this one. You don’t have to look closely to spot them, you only have to focus. Don’t try to spot them behind the squares or the lines since they are actually above them. Tell me if you found them. Take a look at the picture right now and test yourself. The reason that the brain cannot spot the circles is that the image I constructed in such a way to make the brain focus on the lines and squares.