3 benefits of quitting alcohol for more than 21 days.

I have never had a drinking issue. Neither had my father or my grandfather before him. It’s just not in our gene. But my brother, on the other hand, he loves to drink and smoke and cheat on his wife. I am a smoker, though recently I have been wanting to stop and put a hold of it all. But for those of you who love drinking and for those of you who have a drinking issue, here I have 3 benefits that you might get, by quitting for more than 21 days.



Drinking alcohol puts high levels of sugar in your body which automatically make you lose your appetite. Quitting alcohol will make you hungrier and with balance your organs’ functions. Your stomach will start to work regularly again and so is your liver and your kidneys too. So if you decide to quit alcohol for more than 21 days, you might want to get more groceries than usual.

Sleep Quality.


Usually, people use alcohol as a means to go to sleep faster since it helps. But while alcohol helps you fall asleep faster, it ruins your sleep quality. You won’t be able to see dreams since alcohol interferes with your REM process, which is responsible for your dreams. Quitting alcohol doesn’t only mean more dreams, but you will wake up feeling better, instead of waking up and feeling in a complete hangover.

Clearer Thoughts.


Drinking alcohol kills millions of your brain cells, which then results in foggy thinking and poor decision making. Quitting alcohol for 21 days will result in your brain recovering from the damage and you will eventually start to think clearly.