Bus driver does little girl’s hair every day due to her mother passing away

No child should ever experience the loss of their parent at such an early age. But unfortunately, this little girl did. Isabella was just 9 years old when she lost her mother due to an illness she was suffering from. 

It not only traumatic for these little ones but also confusing to have such a thing happen to them. Even the other parent not only suffers their significant other’s loss but immediately has two roles to play as both parents. 


 I have a woman in my neighbourhood whose husband recently died from an accident. And it just hurts to see her two little sons ask from time to time when their father is coming back. 

When Isabella got ready for school, her mother was the one to always do her hair. But when her mother passed away, the only person left to fix Isabella’s hair was her father. Even though her father did his best in fixing her hair, it just did not look good. 

He also sometimes would accidentally pull it too hard that Isabella would cry. To cope with this problem her dad just decided to cut her hair short. It was the only easy way for the family to get on with their day easier. 

The cut was defiantly not for girls as cute as Isabelle. But after a few years, her brownish blonde hair grew again. Since she was older she knew how to at least put her hair in a tie to get all of her hair out of her face.

One day the girl came home surprising her father with the beautifully styled hair she had. Turns out her bus driver had found out that her mother had passed away. 

Since the bus driver, Tracy was a cancer survivor that had kids of her own. And she feels the pain of Isabelle as she also almost left her kids. 

So Tracy has decided that every day, as the bus stops and the students head off to school, Isabelle would stay on the bus and let Tracy do her hair nice and neat in beautiful braids. 

The story has caught the eye of thousands of people worldwide. It is as sad as it is encouraging for others in this world to do the same for people that have something missing in their life as much as it can be possible. 

Tracy is seen as a hero all over social media for her supportive action towards Isabella. She is always an influencer for people to do something good in this world such as helping someone in need.