Brother and sister rejoin at the same foster home they were adopted.

Ever since I came to the Netherlands I started meeting women that were foster mothers. I remember meeting a cat lady that had raised 6 children as a foster mother. It was strange yet beautiful knowing that she raised other people’s children and had a love for them. Katie Price has a similar story, only that hers has a great plot twist at the end. Katie divorces from her husband when she was thirty. It was probably because she could not have children or had problems with her fertility.

But nothing in the world would keep Katie away from being a mother or at least having that same experience, that’s why she decided to adopt a child. A baby boy was left at a hospital by his mother and when Katie heard the news, she noticed that the hospital was near her house. So she fostered the baby boy and a year later a judge gave her the paternal license for the baby boy and she finally adopted him. Katie was so happy with this decision and she knew that she could be happy despite not having a man by her side.

Katie heard a similar story a few months later and it felt like a déjà vu. Because this time a baby girl was left at the same hospital. Katie decided it was the time for a second child, so she went straight to the hospital and saw the baby girl there. When she checked her file, to her surprise, the boy and the girl were left by the same mother. She contacted the mother and got the confirmation for that. Now Katie is raising both of these children as if they were hers and she is happier than ever. Thank you for saving lives, Katie.