Hummingbird-shaped flowers are taking the internet by storm

Mother Nature is one big secret of its own. It has all kinds of mysteries that are yet to be discovered by humans.

Can you believe that we have been living here for millions of years and we have discovered only 25% of species living on this planet?

The world can seem so small but so big in just a frame of a second if you think about it.

You will see a lot of animals in the wild are able to mimic plants trees and their surroundings just to stay out of the lookout of predators. This is a very common thing in the wild and you might have heard the Chameleon for example that changes its color based on its current surroundings.

One day one guy claimed on Reddit that while he was walking through the wild he saw what seemed to be like hummingbirds hanging out of a plant.

He was amazed thinking that maybe what he was looking at was hummingbirds that were camouflaging in nature as flowers. But when he took a closer look at it, he was astonished to find out that these were actually actual flowers and not hummingbirds.

The guy decided to take a photo and then posted it on the Internet. The photo instantly went viral due to people not having seen anything like that.

Then the question grew: why were these plants shaped like a hummingbird? What was the reason?

As we explained earlier that is what insects and other small animals do on a normal basis in the wild they just camouflage but isn’t that the same for plants also?

Well, it’s not quite the case. Biologists say that this is something known as Pareidolia.


And it doesn’t have to do anything with camouflage, this just means that our brains are tricked into seeing something that is not quite there.

This a  phenomenon that happens to us almost on a daily basis.

We sometimes see other objects and we mistake them for different objects just because they remind us more of that different object.

This is the same for the hummingbird flower phenomenon. The plants just so happen to look like that but because they are rare things and we don’t see them quite often prior to the hummingbirds we confuse them with.

This flower is referred to as the regal bird flower and is located somewhere in Australia, so it’s a pretty rare flower to be seen, you might just have a bigger chance of finding a hummingbird.