Mom reunites with son she had given up for adoption after 35 years

One in for women is said to have an abortion throughout their lives. They see it as the most simple way to put that other chapter of their life away just because they cannot handle it for the moment. The same happened to me. I was 19 and one day I saw that I was feeling nauseous and tired. I thought it would pass soon as I just might have been going through the flu. But the tiredness and the feeling of nausea continued for several days. I then realized I was one week late for my periods to come. 

I had no other choice than to take a pregnancy test and by then I knew it, I was pregnant. The test came out positive and now I have another life on my shoulders. All women in this situation have three choices either abortion, adoption or to give the baby a chance into this world. I chose the first option as it was so scary to me to see my baby either get taken from another family and I will never see him again or bring this baby into this world if I’m not having anything to provide for him. But Stacy chose adoption. 

She was 15 years old when she found out she was pregnant. And girls her age when they find out they are in a situation like that is that they feel confused and soon they make the big major decision. Stacy did not even have the chance to hold her baby once. He was taken by her the moment he was born. After years and years went by she never thought much of it.

In 2017 a new law let biological mothers meet their children which they had given up for adoption when the child was young. Stacy did want to track down her son but she had no idea where to start.

But luckily for her son had not forgotten her. He actually tried all he could to track her down and find her. One day she was participating in a marathon. Unexpectedly she got a letter before beginning the marathon, she thought that was rather unusual and opened the letter. The letter wrote “ it has been 13,075 days without meeting you and the time has come”

Stacy immediately understood what was going on and in shock, she looked around. Behind her was her 35-year-old son which she had never seen before. Her reaction was heartwarming to all who were around her. She ran up to her son and hugged him with tears of joy in her eyes. At last her dream of meeting her son finally came true.